Ornamental Cube Plant Pot
Poly Cube Set of 3  
Small: 30x30x30cm | Medium: 40x40x40cm | Large: 50x50x50cm - £60 
Ornamental Planter Plant Pot Set
Poly Planter Set of 3  
Small: 60x28x30cm | Medium: 80x35x35cm | Large: 100x45x45cm 
Poly Cylinder  
30x30cm | 37x37cm | 45x45cm | 55x55cm 
Ornamental Egg Plant Pot Set
Poly Egg Set of 4  
Small: 26x24cm | Medium: 32x30cm | Large: 40x37cm | Extra Large: 50x45cm 
Rustic Ornamental Plant Pot Set
Poly Flower Pot - £45 
Multiple colours available 50x50cm  
Black, Grey, Green, Red and Yellow 
Poly Flared Square  
30x45cm | 37x55cm | 45x68cm  
Multi-Purpose compost 75l 





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